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Born Fighting – How the Ulster Scots shaped America by Senator James Webb

YouTube Documentary: Born Fighting – How the Ulster Scots shaped America by Senator James Webb

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Latest post: County Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge Jubilee Church Service in Magherafelt Sun 17th June – rare all 11 District banners & County banner
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THE ORANGEMAN (Grand Orange Lodge of United States Newsletter) 2012

THE ORANGEMAN Vol 2.doc No4 Download this file

THE ORANGEMAN (Grand Orange Lodge of United States Newsletter)

Volume 2, Number 4 (2012)

NEW Killaloo Accordion CD

NEW Killaloo Accordion CD

Ulster Ancestry Newsletter : May 2012

Ulster Ancestry : Newsletter
Welcome to the Ulster Ancestry Newsletter

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Though born here in this land
My heart is in Ireland
The land of the old folks is calling me home.

Ulster Ancestry

Gone as far as you can go?
If you feel that you could do with a little local assistance charting your family history then why not have a look at our range of research services.

We will be pleased to hear from you and advise is as always, free.
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Irish Homesteads
A lovely new web site has just come on line called Irishhomesteads

The owner Pauline is providing a very unique product. She researches the history of any Irish townland,village or even street and its people over a 200 year period.
The whole thing is presented as a beautiful scroll on high quality paper ready for framing and displaying with pride in your home.

Check it out at
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Childhood Memories in White Park Bay
I lived in the wee place called Port Braddon at White Park Bay, and ours was the first house as you come down the hairpin bends. Carrick Inan is its name and it must be close to 400 years old now. Always filled with laughter and animals (our own as well as strays) and music, I lived with my parents and beloved Aunt Ivy. In Spring, the farmer McCurdys cows from up the road used to love our big front lawn…
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Finding living relatives
Ulster Ancestry carries out missing heir and estate research in Ireland, for law firms, Public Trustees offices and estate administrators.
We identify living relatives and provide official certified documentation to show their relationship to the deceased.

We have several years of experience carrying out this specialist work in Ireland.

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Dun na Gall
Beautiful, dark, mysterious Donegal (Dún na Gall)

There must be more songs written about Donegal than any other place on earth. Donegal contains the most northerly part of Ireland (Malin Head) but {and it could only happen in Ireland}is in \"The South of Ireland\". It has wild mountains and a rugged coastline which looks west towards the raging Atlantic. It is to my mind Irelands most beautiful …
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List of passengers to go on board the ship MARIA, of Wilmington,
Bound for Philadelphia, out of Londonderry, 30th March 1804.

Nancy McKeever 45 spinster
Robert Fulton 43 labourer
John Rice 38 labourer
Mary Ann Hammond 27 spinster
Nancy Fulton 31 spinster
Robert Miller 26 labourer
Arthur Murphy 49 labourer
James Dougherty 33 labourer
Jas. McKinley 23 labourer
Sarah Murphy 21 spinster
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List of passengers in the EAGLE from New York,
List of passengers in the EAGLE from New York, sworn at Belfast, 10 March,

Josiah Kerr, 28, height 5-8, clerk, Loughbickland. Thin faced and pretty fair.

Joseph Kerr, 21 5-10, farmer, Hillsborough. Smooth and fair faced.

Hamilton Kerr, 17, 5-0, farmer, Hillsborough. Smooth and fair faced.

John McMurdy, 30, 5-7, farmer, Banbridge. Pitted with small pox. » Read This Item…

The Killybegs Experience by Sara McClintick
I’ve discovered that many Irish people aren’t sure where Killybegs is, except that most know there’s a song about the place. A native once told me that you go to Donegal town and turn left and keep on driving until you nearly drive into the sea, and then stop: that’s Killybegs. It was with a Trafalgar Tour that I first rolled slowly into this tiny village suspended between sea and sky. Our extraordinarily…
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Find your Family Today - Click Here to get custom produced family history reports - Family History, Ancestral information and more...

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Ullans Alive e-news May 2012

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Please find attached the May edition of the Ullans Alive E-News.

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