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Ulster-Scots TV plugs into funding

You can watch born fighting ep1 (& 2 from tonight onwards) on the UTV player at:-

Ulster-Scots TV plugs into funding
Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Up to 25,000 people are expected to watch Ulster-Scots television, the organisation funding the programmes has revealed.

The Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund has a budget of £1m for this year and the Government has committed to support the venture from 2010 to 2015.

Northern Ireland Screen is appealing for applicants to the new fund, which intends to deliver 20 additional hours of programming a year involving heritage, culture and language.

The Government has also pledged £20m towards the development of the Irish language, some earmarked for the Irish Language Broadcast Fund, which will also secure its future until 2015.

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Video: Born Fighting tells ‘forgotten’ story…
The second part of the documentary Born Fighting is to be broadcast on UTV on Tuesday, and author Jim Webb has spoken about his goals of preserving the “forgotten story” of the Ulster Scots through the landmark series.

Born Fighting follows Webb, an American Senator himself of Scots-Irish heritage, as he travels from his home in the US to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Speaking to Frank Mitchell on U105, he said the importance of the series is in keeping alive the story of a culture that had impacts on both sides of the ocean.

“The Scots-Irish story is part of my own family heritage and also a forgotten story in many ways, about a people who had an enormous impact on not only the north of Ireland, but also on the United States,” he explained.

“I wanted to preserve it and pass it on to people who’ve never really thought about connecting all the dots. It’s an opportunity to explain things on both sides of the ocean.

“I was very fortunate that UTV and STV came to us to do the show and I’m very pleased with how it came out. I’ve worked very hard to be fair to everyone. I think this is a way to present the positive aspects of this culture and the struggles it went through.”

The programme also marks a unique, first-time broadcast partnership between UTV and STV.

It features dramatic reconstructions which take viewers through key historical moments such as Bannockburn, the siege of Derry and the American Civil War, and we hear from leading historians such as Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald from the Centre for Migration Studies in Omagh.

Born Fighting, Tuesday 8 February, 8pm on UTV and STV.


Orange Community Awards 2011

Orange Community Awards 2011