Today I was reading some verses from the Psalms and came across three that describe the plight of men and women as sinking in the 'mire' or the 'miry clay'.� The Psalmist then calls on God who saves him and lifts him up on to the solid rock.
  1. I�sink in deep mire (Psalm 69:2) – the problem
  2. Deliver me out of the mire and let me not sink (Psalm 69:14) – the prayer
  3. He brought me up out of the miry clay (Psalm 40:2) – the praise
Soem years ago I heard an Ulster preacher describe that experience of salvation as being taken 'from the glaur to the glory'.� The Ulster-Scots word glaur, which has passed into Ulster dialect, is a good translation of 'mire' or 'miry clay'.