Earlier this week I visited Cultra Manor at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.� The house, which is being refurbished, was built at the start of the 20th century by Sir Robert John Kennedy 1851-1936, a great Ulsterman, a British diplomat and a member of an old Ulster-Scots family.

Today I looked in the Dictionary of Irish Biography to see what it said about Kennedy but was disappointed to find that he was one of the folk omitted from the DIB.� Neither was here any mention of his uncle Sir Arthur Edward Kennedy 1810-1883, who was a British colonial administrator and served as governor of a number of British colonies -�Sierra Leone, Western Australia, Vancouver Island, Hong Kong and Queensland.��Those are two surprising omssions, especially as there is a good article on Sir Arthur Edward Kennedy in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

I understand that when work on Cultra Manor is ocmpleted there will be an exhibition in it about Sir Robert Kennedy and the Kennedy family and I presume that it will include a section on Arthur Kennedy as well.