While hoking through some old books yesterday I found a clipping from the Belfast Telegraph, from 19th January 1998 to be precise, of an article entitled “Light Shed on Ulster and the Thistle Connection” which was published to promote the book Varieties of Scottishness: Exploring the Ulster Scottish Connection published by the Institute of Irish Studies, Queens University Belfast, 1997. The article was illustrated by an old postcard bearing the title “The Ulster Scot” in bold lettering – it has an illustration of a highland warrior with kilt, sporran, shield and sword, and the following verse:

This land oor heritage by richt
Priest ridden saints may grudge us
Three hunner years we hae been here
An deil th fit theyll budge us

Not very PC, but I think a significant insight into popular feeling around 1912 and the “Home Rule is Rome Rule” fears of the time. Ill scan the image and post it here over the next day or two. I also vaguely remember seeing another postcard from the same era, I think recording the Larne gunrunning of 1914, which also bore an Ulster-Scots verse or poem. Maybe some readers know it and can send it to me to post here?