A Royal Black Preceptory feeder parade through Ardoyne in north Belfast passed without incident on Saturday as residents held a peaceful protest.

There was a heavy police presence as around 60 people lined the streets holding banners.

The Pride of Ardoyne flute band played a single drum beat as it accompanied the march.

On Friday the High Court upheld the Parades Commissions decision to allow the band to join the parade.

Sinn F�in MLA Caral Ni Chuilin told UTV talks with local residents need to take place to tackle the issue of future parades in the area.

“The vast majority of people in this area dont want this everyone is working towards a better community”, she said.

“This stuff has to be sorted out”.

“We are calling on the loyal orders that are walking and the bands to ask them how there are going to resolve this situation in the future”, she added.

Hitting back at the comments Winston Irvine from the North and West Belfast Parades Forum insisted talks have taken place but said people should not be denied their right to celebrate their culture.

“They are happy to share the spoils of government but they dont want to share communities and roads”, he told UTV.

“I just find that staggering”.

“I find it absolutely outrageous that republicans are denying protestants the right to celebrate and to express their traditional culture”, he added.

Meanwhile another parade in Short Stand also passed off without incident around 9.30am with just nine people turning out to protest.

More than 15,000 members of the Institution will be on parade throughout Saturday.

Marches are also taking place in Newcastle, Ballymena, Carrickfergus, Kilrea, Loughall and Sixmilecross.

Thousands are expected to turn out to watch the events.

Published date on the 28th of August 2010
Article taken from the News Letter

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