A HOAX bomb alert delayed a contentious loyalist band parade in Co Antrim last night.

Police say there were a number of minor incidents, as protestors were cleared from the parade route in Rasharkin.

Earlier in the evening, the security alert was raised when a suspicious object was found at the rear of an Orange hall in the villages Main Street.

Residents in nearby Rencullen Park were moved from their homes as an Army bomb squad examined the object, which was later declared a hoax.

The parade eventually got underway at around 10.30pm, taking an alternative route.

Sinn F�in MLA Daith� McKay has claimed that the PSNIs decision to reroute a parade in Rasharkin was illegal �as it was not cleared with the Parades Commission�.

�The parade took place after midnight� it was spread out over two separate days. That was also illegal as the parade was only filed for the 20th August.
�The PSNI knew that this was the case and pushed ahead with the parade anyway,� said Mr McKay.

Published date on the 21st of August 2010
Article taken from the News s Letter