Well as of 8am yesterday morning Saturday 26th June, we have now officialy started our 7th fUSe fm broadcast, live from the studio in the Ullans Centre.

The morning kicked off with Bap & Homer starting things at 8am and apart from not getting logged on to the text system thing ran smoothly and text started coming in. Jonnie then took over at midday with Alistair, Ryan and Block for an hour before they headed to the Mayors show in the toon, during which time the station ran a playlist.

The fUSe team along with the Ullans centre met up at the Joey Dunlop Centre and set up their float to be judged, in the end winning 3rd place. The float set off round the toon to a warm welcome buy everyone and plenty of freebies were given oot.

Tubes and Swankey returned to the studion with the sports roundup followed by Alan Wrights Ulster-Scots show, Lennys love hour, Codie with dance and the first day/evening brought to a conclusion with Vernons Rock show.

This run we will not only be broadcasting on the radio but also over the internet, already people from Dublin, Scotland and USA tunning in.

fUSe fm broadcasts on 106.2 fm and via the internet at www.fusefmballymoney.com

Presenter info and daily scheduel also can be found on the website.