DUP Mid Ulster MLA Cllr Ian McCrea has welcomed the re-opening of the Ballinderry Orange Hall following an arsonist attack on the hall in 2008.

Speaking today Mr McCrea said:

�I was delighted to stand with the officers and members of Ballinderry Orange Lodge to officially open their new hall which was damaged in an arson attack in November 2008.

Whilst I continue to condemn those responsible for the attack which I have no doubt was motivated by their hatred of the protestant/orange tradition however what they have in reality done is brought about an orange hall that is bigger and better.

This is a clear sign that despite dissident republican attacks, the resolve of the Protestant and Unionist people will not be broken. Attacks on our halls will not diminish that but rather unite us in defense of our faith and heritage.

I congratulate Ballinderry Loyal Orange Lodge on their hard work to reopen the hall and I trust that they will have many years of use in their new hall.�

Published date on the 21st of June 2010
Article taken from the DUP Ian McCrea MLA