The Orange Order has chosen five Twelfth of July demonstrations as its flagship events for this years celebrations.

The five demonstrations selected are those at Hillsborough, Portrush, Cookstown, Newtownstewart and Antrim.

Activities offered and ability to engage with visitors and tourists were among the criteria used to choose the parades.

The selection process included input from the NI Tourism Board.

The Orange Order Director of Services, Dr David Hume, said that the flagship programme had been a �hugh success�.

�Those who apply for flagship status have to undergo a quite rigorous selection process,� he said.

�All of those involved put in a tremendous amount of work and are to be congratulated.

�Cultural tourism is a growing industry and we are determined that the Orange Order will play its part in developing this sector of business.�

The Order has also announced that shops in Belfast will again open on the Twelfth.

Published date on the 7th of June 2010
Article taken from the BBC News Northern Ireland