AS part of their ongoing 100th anniversary celebrations, the members of Curryfree LOL No1060 played host to members of the City Of Londonderry Grand Lodge recently.

The event took place on Wednesday, June 2, in Curryfree Orange Hall and took the form of a combined service and among those taking a lead part in the event were the members of Bro Scott Goligher Memorial LOL 461, Hope Of Eglinton LOL No.764, Curryfree Glen True Blues LOL No.1060 and Fawney Fort LOL No.2048.
The service was conducted by Wor Bro Rev Ivan Dinsmore; City Grand Chaplain City Of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge, while the parade to and from the service was lead by The Pride Of The Orange And Blue Flute Band.

Published date on the 17th of June 2010
Article taken from the Londonderry Sentinel