Community groups, Ulster-Scots groups and marching bands have been urged to avail of the various funding opportunities available to them.  Currently the Arts Council of Northern Ireland is accepting applications for grants for musical instruments.  You can apply here (3rd June 2010 deadline)

The Arts council also has other funding schemes available which may be of interest to certain history, re-enactment, or community groups for the purchase of equipment and the funding of projects.  Take a look here for more:-

The Ulster-Scots Agency runs various financial assistance schemes for dance & musical tuition, lectures, drama / re-enactment / living history projects, summer schools and festivals

Don`t forget your local council usually has some form of small grant scheme for Arts & culture available as well.  And there are various EU Peace and Rural Development Council schemes to help with community groups and building projects.

EU Peace III Funding

Rural Development Council Funding

Example local Council grant schemes:
Magherafelt Council Events & Festivals Grant

Cookstown Council Arts & Culture Small Grants

Marching bands urged to apply for grants

William McCrea today urged the Marching Band sector to apply for new Instruments funding made available by the Arts Council by 3rd June 2010:

“The marching bands sector is a key part of Ulster’s cultural wealth.  It maintains the active involvement of thousands across Northern Ireland. It is right that this contribution is recognised by the Arts Council funding.

I would encourage the marching bands to apply for the £200,000 funding made available by the Arts Council.  The DUP will seek to expand this level of support in future years to ensure the sector gains the respect, recognition and resources it deserves.”

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