Having just watched the David Vance / TUV webcast on the News Letter website, several questions remain unanswered.

In regards to the TUV manifesto claim to be standing up for education, they have failed to explain how they would have, or will, block Labour Party introduced laws at Westminster to ban Grammar schools. Only devolution of education to Stormont stopped those laws being enacted.

Secondly, how they would achieve voluntary coalition without British government approval & legislation. Clearly they will not win Labour support and Conservative, shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague is quoted in the Irish Times today (27/4/10) as saying “We were the original champions of the peace process and we remain utterly committed to it and dedicated to it”…not to mention the Tory support for the devolution of policing & justice.

And thirdly the TUV manifesto mentions that in the absence of acceptable devolution (ie voluntary coalition), “enhanced, streamlined local government combined with a single elected authority to corporately administer
education, health and roads could easily provide efficient and sufficient government.” …..now their manifesto makes it clear that they stand for `no terrorist in government` and`we will not go into government with Sinn Fein` yet this third and more likely & achievable option would surely include Sinn Fein?`

Below is the TUV Party Election Broadcast

Mid-Ulster Analysis

I have already posted about the DUP & Conservative-UUP candidates and i might as well cover the Mid-ulster TUC candidate now that their manifesto and PEB are out.

Walter Millar:

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Doesn`t seem to have much of an online presence but Jim Allister & David Vance do:-

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