Found this interesting collection of images on Mark Thompson`s Flickr as well as an interesting new blog post about his newly published leaflet `Sir Thomas Smith’s forgotten English Colony of the Ards and north Down in 1572` to be launched in Ards Arts Centre (the old Town Hall) on Friday 14th May. Published through Loughries Historical Society (and without the help of Mr Balmoral the booklet would never have happened!), with the printing funded by Ards Borough Council, North Down Museum and the Ulster-Scots Community Network, it lifts the lid on what was going on in the Ards and north Down before the Lowland Scots arrived with Hamilton  and Montgomery  to settle exactly the same region in May 1606. The booklet has 40 pages in total, and is lavishly illustrated throughout with some very rare maps and portraits which took ages to track down. You can read more about it here:-

Red Hand, Shared Hand
The Red Hand of Ulster is a symbol which has been misrepresented and misunderstood for at least the past generation. This Flickr gallery is an ever-growing collection of images of cross community, non-political, non-paramilitary usages of the Red Hand of Ulster – a symbol which should be reclaimed and restored to mainstream usage.

(With thanks to the many people who have sent me images to include here)